Saturday, September 11, 2010

FUR-ev-er ♠

Its like a damn fever spreading....FUR vests.

My opinion is mixed. I like them, then I don't. My friend just bought her 1 1/2 year old little girl one the other day, and it was adorable, but that's a baby/mommy thing...and of course it was cute ya know? She looked so cute....but anyways I don't want to deviate off the furry subject at hand.

These things are showing up on everyone EVERYWHERE..and quite frankly not everyone pulls it off so well.

I for one think I may be able to if I know what to pair it with, and I know for a FACT that I would do minimal to NO accessories, because the clutter of all that would make me feel like the 60's new clad version of Cruella De Ville. No thanks.

Here are some I like...will I wear..hmmm maybe...either they are:

This vest has a good color & texture

I like the detail, and the front tie on this one

This one is kind of messed up, "fringed" if you will...kind of rocker-ish..I can see Gwen & Sienna rockin' it

All of these are nice except for the last one, which reminds me of the 60's clad Cruella I mentioned *cringe*

Some women who pull them off well... hmmm...Rachel Zoe....however, she annoys me with all the accessories.
I also think Mischa Barton does a pretty damn good job, & well.... I always like the underground, solo-ish in-their-own-world gals like Chloe Savigny, & of course Alexa Chung...but my fave in fur has to be Sienna Miller ♥ Because she lives by the bohemian rule, her hair is always disheveled, and well she just always looks good in what she wears...true story. NOT to mention she doesn't over accessorize which is , in my opinion,  the key here.

I think  maybe a nice, fragile pair of earrings, or a cuff will do...but if you do the multiple bracelet thing, and the four necklaces plus earrings...its like c'mon? Did you just throw on your whole closet? ... Just sayin'.

Well,  I had to shout out the fur-ry behind this new statement in fashion called 'the fur vest.'

What do you think? Likey? No-Likey?  Either way...speak on it.



Fashion Icon AUGUST 2010 =s Inspiring GWEN ♥

Okay so who do I love, love, love, love, ...etc.. ???

GWEN-friggin'-Stefani!!!!!! ♥ This woman is amazing. Her style is so quirky and off beat but eccentric of a mixture, but at the end of the day it comes together, and she pulls it off brilliantly!

I especially love it when she wears less makeup, & really rocks out her fits her best in my opinion...check out this photo:

Rockin' the Heels short-shorts, beanie & basic tee...effortless iconicism!!! ♥

However, since she has gone solo, became a wonderfully adorable & great Mother ( I consider myself a great momma too ♥ ) , she has polished up the quirky, and made a classic hit on the fashion scene which I love! Sophisticated pea coats, tailored shirts, feminine twists on ties (check out the "4 in da morning video) maxi dresses with simple statement jewelry, and pinned up hair with Jacki O shades! Very throwback to the oldies! I love it!

So in honor of Gwen I made a little set of my own, a wish list, inspired by her quirky-classic style! I must first mention that I have been a NO DOUBT/ Gwen Stefani fan since the their underground days while I was still in gradeschool! My Aunt always lived in Orange County & Malibu and was alwasy scoping the "scene" so she was listening to them, and I was introduced as a youngster. My passion & obsession began! So heres to you Gwen, my August gal...keep rockin' , and shockin'!!!!

The Jacket is B.B. Dakota available at Lulu' & its my fave of all!!!! ♥

Well, I hope all the ladies & gents reading this had a great labor on the look out for the next icon feature, and remember that if someone doesn't like you, your style, your opinions or your voice...just keep walking & NEVER stop talking!!!



Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hey Everyone NEW BLOG for my new Business

Hey guys...

so since I love beauty products, bath & body products, AND accessories...I found a way that I can provide high quality top brand products in those categories at VERY LOW prices!!!!

I am teaming up with Amway and its over 100 affiliate top name companies & brands to sell these products at great prices to you and your friends and family!

I am a independent business owner and my company is appropriately named : Bella Discounts

I also have a products featured blog that will feature products I carry in which I love and think other would love to use and own as well.

Of course I would be benefitting from any purchases, if I said I wasn't I would be lieing to you all, and I love you and couldn't do that. However, I am a people pleaser, and not much else in this world besides my daughter makes me happier than helping others!!!!! So this is a win/win on all accords for me!!!!

Hope I can help you find what your looking for!!!! Follow my blogs please!!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lemon-AID +

I'm going to shoot you all straight and tell you something that is very personal, and very very humiliating....
I have a terrible case of stress-induced cystic acne that creeps up every time I am lacking a lot of sleep or other wise just really stressing the f* out!!!!

I have been battling with it since I turned 20...YES as an adult. It has been sooo awful, left minor scars, and the break outs flare up at all the WRONG times. I cannot even express in words how sucky it is.

I have done dermabrasion, and all sorts of organic methods for the last few years. Yes, I have tried proactiv and honestly...the stuff works but NOT concerning all cases, which they fail to inform you about during their oh so appealing infomercials. Go figure.

I have yet to go the antibiotic route, which would be accutane. I just think that stuff definitely does get rid of bad acne cases most of the time, however, its also poison STRAIGHT UP. They are even considering taking it off the market due to its devastating side effects, and the fact that some people have accumulated horrible health ailments as a result of it. Um...ya, no thanks Doc'.

So here it goes...I cannot even believe how incredible what I am about to write about is!!!!!!!!!
Fresh lemon juice, squeezed literally by hand, and granulated sugar. No joke. Seriously.
The stuff is AMAZING. A MIRACLE. I call it, "Lemon-AID". First aid for cystic acne.

This is what I do:

I cut a fresh lemon into four quarters. I ziploc three quarters and stick back in the fridge.
I then squeeze the fresh juice into a small bowl.
Take a small cup, poor two teaspoons of granulated sugar.
Instead of a face sponge, or exfoliating cloth, get this....cone-shaped coffee filters.

I run steaming hot water in my bathroom sink, and let my face sit in the steam for about two to three minutes. Then I dip the coffee filter into the juice for two to three seconds. Then I splash my face with warm water, dip the soaked filter into the sugar, and scrub at my face for 120 seconds (two minutes).
I rinse it all off with warm water again, and then splash my face with cold water to close the clean pores.

It is literally a chemical peel/exfoliating/at-home dermabrasion all in one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trust me it works. It kills the cystic bacteria, the blackheads, and it also evens out your skin tone.
Leaves your face dewy, and incredible. Sometimes I even take a cotton ball and dip it into the lemon juice after, and rub it on the broken out areas to stay overnight.

No joke, my face is pretty much clear the next day. Its so relieving, and it has given me a lot of my confidence back.  So, if you suffer from more severe cases, please try this. PLEASE.

Don't forget to tell me about it, and thank me, too!!! LoL ♥



Monday, July 19, 2010

Accessory of the Week 7/19/2010

Just this last week, while applying my makeup before going out, I realized how badly I am in need of a new cosmetic's bag/case.
The one I currently use is cotton, worn down, and flimsy. Zips up, and is a Victoria Secrets PINK brand...which I received as a free gift with purchase over a year ago. So obviously I am really 'needing' this.
I made a list of what I need to get out of my new found cosmetics bag/case: room, capability of staying clean for periods longer than one week, compartments, and moderately compact in size.
I don't usually take all my makeup with me where I go, but in case I ever have to, I want it to at least tuck nicely underneath the seat of my car when I go into a restaurant, or wherever. Or maybe even possibly in one of my huge bags...everyone who knows me knows that my preferred size of purse in EXTRA LARGE. So it probably could fit in one of my bags, as well.
Since finding myself needing to get a new one, I decided to make this my "Accessory of the Week". Here are the candidates I have narrowed down:

" I love this because its lined outside & inside, plus the design is easy to separate from other bags."

"Obviously its bigger yet appears to be able to fit nicely in smaller areas, & it also has dual lining...and hey the print is also so eccentric...LOVE this one."

"This is bigger, yet not to high so I can fit it in the car, it has compartments & is lined...fave so far."

" I LOVE this because I would be able to hang it in my car if need be, it is lined, made for taking places OR keeping behind door in has a boat load of different compartments, AND last but not can personalize it with your initials...FUN."

So there are my four accessory's of the week, meant really to be one but they are hard to decide between :/
I really enjoy lil' bags and Nick will see a lot of that kind of stuff featured in my posts.
Right now, just in case your wondering, I am leaning towards the Juicy Couture one because it fits my style, and it is that 'in between' size that I am looking for. Yet all of them are wonderful...maybe I should start buying a lot more makeup and brushes so that I may get & use all four...hmmmm???? lol

Remember...August is creeping up and I begin my Icon Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!! Can't wait to share with you guys!!!!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Share ♥

I became the creator of this chaos. 
Chaos that you only wish you could understand.
You see insane, I see integrity.
You see problematic, I see potential.
When the beginning became smudged, I can only remember as 
far back as my mind allows me.
There was a villain, and a heroin. I fell somewhere in between.
The queen who gets knocked off her thrown, does she become a clown rather than the princess?
For her power may still be intact, yet everyone is laughing at her.
I raise my glass to those who know how to drink down this life's events with no hesitation & a silent, thirsty fearfulness.
A toast to the villain, a toast to the Queen. A toast to the kind who would not exist with out the mean.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Accessory of the Week 07/11/2010

My accessory of the week  is the L.A.M.B. "Freestyle Grant Sack" in Black.

Its available on for $225
A tad pricey, but very quality....featuring leather lining interior. can put your keys in there and they definately won't tag or tear a hole in this beauty.
I like its simplicity, and edginess. Also, its I see it going with most anything if placed correctly.

Hope you likey!!!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

MARVELOUS Marchesa ♥

My love for the house of Marchesa is beyond words.
There are many other fashion houses that I really like, but none like Marchesa.
These women know how to design a beautiful gown. The precision, and detail is impeccable.
The soft romance behind their gowns is appealing, but there is also such a modern day woman's confidence  that is always present. They never ever seize to amaze me.

The gown presented above that Sienna Miller is wearing at the red carpet costume gala is my all time favorite. When I saw her wear this for the first time, I remember simply falling in love with it. 
I would like this to be the gown I wear on my husband & I's 10th anniversary. It is my dream gown. There is not just one aspect of it I love, I love it ALL. From the flowing fabric to the detailed roses along the empire lining. In my eyes it represents sexy romantic and classy. LOVE.

Amongst Marchesa I am also consistently dreamy-eyed over Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana. They are incredible to say the least. In Dolce & Gabbana's recent fashion show they have posted on their web site, they have a screen introduction before their models started walking the runway in their newest collection. It was a video of them stitching the pieces of clothing, and the two of them actually making & fitting their collection. It was INCREDIBLE. I personally believe it is a talent you are born with, and that show spoke for itself. Click the links to watch ♥  

Marchesa, also coincidentally plays two tracks of music on their website...the first being a classical piece that flows into an Led Zeppelin song. This is coincidental why? you ask.  Well, because Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite band, and Marchesa my favorite fashion house. So it was aligned in the stars...I was SUPPOSED to worship Marchesa ♥

I would love to read about your fashion obsessions and favorites. Please post in my comments, or email me. Either way, I am not just a writer, I am also an avid reader :)
Please share.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Icon Series

Coma Stai!!!! Baci!!!!
Today some wonderful thoughts were brewing in my brain, and this is what I have come up with.....
I am going to do a series on my blog starting in August ... a fashion icon series!!!! I am super stoked about this idea...
Heres the 411:
every month I am going to feature my "FASHION ICON" from different genres & era's.
I am going to post a picture or few pictures of the icon & explain what is inspirational about their fashion esthetic, in my eyes.
I would like my readers & friends to participate. If you have any input it would be excellent, and more than welcome.
My constant top two favorites are: 

Ms. Kate Moss &
Ms. Sienna Miller

First of all, they just know how to pull what seems like "anything" off. Literally. They can probably cut a hole in a sheet of plastic, wear it & somehow the whole simple esemble becomes FANTASTIC.
They will definately be among the featured in this series.

I have posted a lot about, "inspiration". I would like to dealve a little deeper into why this is an  adjective that I use a lot when writing about art, music, fashion, etc.. 
As a naturally creative soul, I feel like it is only by default that I  take away from visuals. Meaning, when I see something that I adore, the feeling that I get is overwhelming and exciting for me. I immediately start creating my own spin on the look, or the way the person was wearing a blouse, or necklace. I don't duplicate really ever, I just re-create  my own version of the look.
It is simply, inspiration in its rawest form for me. Recording artists get inspiration from a certain sound that has already been produced, band's from other bands, fashion designers get inspiration from what seems to be most anything. The ocean, the sky, trees, nature, a woman's lips...the most random sources of inspiration have been documented consistently. I think it is what the world is about. Sharing, and not necessarily being a copy cat, but paying a tribute to that inspiration in your own way. Its so beautiful, and interesting.
I will say it again...its not about following the trend, but taking something from it, and making it your own. Its a part of life. Its definitely part of who I am as an artist.  This series will certainly give you an inside look at where the foundation of my personal style aesthetic stems. Not to mention that I probably have an obsession with a few of the ladies, as well. I'm not gonna' lie.

Someone I want to pay attribute to for just her presence in general, a classic:

Ms. Sophia Loren  ♥

My daughter's middle name is "Loren" after Sophia Loren. Myself being an italian woman, she makes me proud to be italian, and her own style seemed effortless. I am not going to post her as a feature  in the series, but much like a book or novel has a "forward" or an "introduction", consider Ms. Loren to be this posts "Introduction" to my series.

Ladies and Gentleman, the timeless...Sophia Loren ♥

Stunning ♥

Hey, it just doesn't get more beautiful out there does it?
For this evening's conclusion, I would like to say not to be afraid of what truly makes you tick, or gets your wheels spinning. I certainly am not.


Summer Accents & Blog identity :P

Coma stai? ( thats french for Hello, and italian for How are you? lol)

Now that I gave you a simple language lesson, lol...let me move on.
I am a lady who is very simplistic when it comes to actual clothing or pieces of clothing. I am an accessories girl 100% more than I am a, "thats such a cute blouse!", or, "those jeans are to DIE for! ", kind of gal. Not that there is anything wrong with that specific taste, I just prefer the little details that add to a nice fitting jean, or a well tailored blouse.

My inspiration for this summer is COLOR!!!!! I really prefer a solid-colored dress over a patterned one, and when I do wear a pattern I almost always choose a very mellow one so that I may at least incorporate 1 to 2 amazing accessories to accent my outfit.

I put together two sets on my polyvore set creator.One is casual for day, and one is more a summer's night out!!!!

I love them...some may not, but I feel like fashion is very individualistic, and you have to set the trend for yourself that make you feel best when wearing them. These sets have very high end accessories that I chose, but I like to get inspiration from pieces in which I can't always afford. I can go out and find pieces that are very similar in my price point.

That is  always a helpful tip...if you can't always splurge on the higher collection items, feel lucky enough to have them as inspiration. This way you may pull together looks that you can budget into your wardrobe:D


This one is so summer chic to me...look at those accessories!!!! I love them especially the cuff!

 Dress: American Apparel "Rib Racerback" red

Shoes: Pella Mode "Wrigley" in Nude

Snake Cuffe: Kenneth Jane,& Co.

Clutch: Michael by Michael Kors "Berkeley" Metallic gold clutch
Necklace: Vintage 1980's ribbed "CC" chain necklace....LOVIN' vintage pieces!!!!


This of course would be my casual day look.... I am a SUCKER for a basic tee & butt huggin yet comfortable this outfit was perfect! Perfect for a day shopping in a warm breezy afternoon with a friend or in my case my daughter ♥

T-Shirt: Gap Summer '10 "Burnout Tee" in perrywinkle

Jeans: Gap skinny stretch denim in burnt grey

Fedora: BKE Side Tie Fedora in "Rocklin"

Scarf: Striped "Rugby" in Navy by Aeropostale

Color Ring: Piere le Tan Ring by COACH

Silver Ring: Sterling Floating Peace Ring by COACH

Shoes: L.A.M.B. by G. Stefani "Valora" heel in Blue Suede

Latte: courtesy of Starbucks (not my fave, but it'll do)


Well there you have summer wardrobe ideas so far. hmmm what would I call them besides sets???? I suppose the two drawing boards for now!
Some great sites to visit for incredible summer accessories and solid pieces would be:

You can go ahead & click on any of the listed and it will take you directly to their sites..your very welcome..haha.

The next tid bit I'd like to share is that since this is a new blog & you are getting acquainted...let it be known that I am an artist. I am finishing up my first solid collection of work, and will be showcasing it for the first time on this blog. I also write, and will be sharing some of my written pieces from time to time. I dedicate this blog to my passions for creativity: art, music, fashion, and writing.
I do all lack of better words. I hope you enjoy what you have read thus far, and if in fact you do...there is soooo much more to come. Get ready :)


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Origin of my lust....

For as long as I can remember...I have been a lover of care. You name it, I love it. I'm not quite as hardcore a "product junkie" as some I know...but hey I do have a major appreciation for all the amazing products and resources there are out there!!! Seriously it can even be intimidating at times, right? Who's with me?

I have to attribute this lust with product to my Aunt Audrey, whom I am soo fittingly named after ♥
She was a model when I was a little rambunctious child!!!! She lived in Los Angeles, and worked out of the city...she was and STILL is incredibly beautiful. Most notably she has always been on point with fashion, and makeup trends. And thus I was introduced to that world, the point of no return.

 When I went to visit her often, I was usually sitting in my Aunt's closet or in her vanity-clad bathroom watching her style herself, and do her makeup & hair. It was, especially at that age, enchanting. Fascinating. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. Some of my most fond memories are of her applying lipstick, mascara, blush, perfume on me....back combing my hair, and putting it in rollers...making me feel like the MOST beautiful girl in the world!!!!

Now that I have a little girl of my own, I can't wait to share those "girls nights" with her, putting my makeup on her, and giving her that introduction into a world that is surely magical!!!!

Since I'm in a round-about way speaking indirectly about products, let me share some that I am totally loyal to right now:

*Bobbi Brown Tinted Face Balm ( this stuff is absolutely amazing!!!!)
*Cover Girl Shadow Blast Smokey Eye Stick in "Amethyst" (it has other color combos of course)
*Rimmel Stick Concealer in "Neutralizer" ( I use it for under my eyes to give that fresh-faced appearance)
*L'Oreal Double Extends in "Black Noir" (literally appears as though you have false eyelashes on, incredible)
*La Mer Moisturizer (its expensive, but a little goes a long way...I use it as a primer & moisturizer, and the stuff is a miracle worker for the texture & tone of your skin, I HIGHLY suggest trying it :)

Well, on that note...I'm going to really have to use that Rimmel concealer under my eyes tomorrow if I don't get to sleep...haha...

Have a Happy Fourth!!!

Baci, Baci

Let's Talk..NAILS.

As of lately I have noticed a whole hell-of-a lot interesting manicures out there!!
Its insane!!! I personally lean towards a solid color, be it soft or BOLD !!!!

Yet, I am thoroughly impressed with some of the designs, and artistry I've come it on the internet browsing, or the streets. The confidence some of these ladies have to be sporting them is admirable, to say the least.

Let me give you an example of what I like & of course..explain why:

I LOVE this...because seriously anyone could pull it off, the palette provides an open door for any skin tone, any outfit, any mood. And if for no other reason, because its clean, and "pretty".
Now lets get into some funky stuff...and not to mention how talented some of these nail artists are!!!! MAD respect to your skill!!!!

Design 1: Flaming HOT right? Design 3: Well Hello, Kitty...ME-WOW!!! Design 4: PURRRFECTION skill. Design 5: Now These are some serious PAWS!!!!

Design 2: If only I was in the UK? Damn.

Design 6: David Bowie comes to mind. LOL!

Seriously, all I have to say is that its summa'time!!!! Be brave (unlike me lol ) and go with that urge for eccentricism itching at you!!!!! Give yourself a crazy beautiful mani/pedi either or both!!! If not you doing it for yourself, ask your manicurist what they have up their sleeve skill-wise. Present them with your idea, give them a challenge, or be REALLY brave, and let THEIR imagination go wild with an idea for your nails and/or toes.

Promise me that you will pretty, pretty please share a photo at the least!!!
I might just post the craziest, most interesting one I recieve!!!! Don't hold out on me.