Monday, July 26, 2010

Lemon-AID +

I'm going to shoot you all straight and tell you something that is very personal, and very very humiliating....
I have a terrible case of stress-induced cystic acne that creeps up every time I am lacking a lot of sleep or other wise just really stressing the f* out!!!!

I have been battling with it since I turned 20...YES as an adult. It has been sooo awful, left minor scars, and the break outs flare up at all the WRONG times. I cannot even express in words how sucky it is.

I have done dermabrasion, and all sorts of organic methods for the last few years. Yes, I have tried proactiv and honestly...the stuff works but NOT concerning all cases, which they fail to inform you about during their oh so appealing infomercials. Go figure.

I have yet to go the antibiotic route, which would be accutane. I just think that stuff definitely does get rid of bad acne cases most of the time, however, its also poison STRAIGHT UP. They are even considering taking it off the market due to its devastating side effects, and the fact that some people have accumulated horrible health ailments as a result of it. Um...ya, no thanks Doc'.

So here it goes...I cannot even believe how incredible what I am about to write about is!!!!!!!!!
Fresh lemon juice, squeezed literally by hand, and granulated sugar. No joke. Seriously.
The stuff is AMAZING. A MIRACLE. I call it, "Lemon-AID". First aid for cystic acne.

This is what I do:

I cut a fresh lemon into four quarters. I ziploc three quarters and stick back in the fridge.
I then squeeze the fresh juice into a small bowl.
Take a small cup, poor two teaspoons of granulated sugar.
Instead of a face sponge, or exfoliating cloth, get this....cone-shaped coffee filters.

I run steaming hot water in my bathroom sink, and let my face sit in the steam for about two to three minutes. Then I dip the coffee filter into the juice for two to three seconds. Then I splash my face with warm water, dip the soaked filter into the sugar, and scrub at my face for 120 seconds (two minutes).
I rinse it all off with warm water again, and then splash my face with cold water to close the clean pores.

It is literally a chemical peel/exfoliating/at-home dermabrasion all in one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trust me it works. It kills the cystic bacteria, the blackheads, and it also evens out your skin tone.
Leaves your face dewy, and incredible. Sometimes I even take a cotton ball and dip it into the lemon juice after, and rub it on the broken out areas to stay overnight.

No joke, my face is pretty much clear the next day. Its so relieving, and it has given me a lot of my confidence back.  So, if you suffer from more severe cases, please try this. PLEASE.

Don't forget to tell me about it, and thank me, too!!! LoL ♥



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