Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fashion Icon AUGUST 2010 =s Inspiring GWEN ♥

Okay so who do I love, love, love, love, ...etc.. ???

GWEN-friggin'-Stefani!!!!!! ♥ This woman is amazing. Her style is so quirky and off beat but eccentric of a mixture, but at the end of the day it comes together, and she pulls it off brilliantly!

I especially love it when she wears less makeup, & really rocks out her fits her best in my opinion...check out this photo:

Rockin' the Heels short-shorts, beanie & basic tee...effortless iconicism!!! ♥

However, since she has gone solo, became a wonderfully adorable & great Mother ( I consider myself a great momma too ♥ ) , she has polished up the quirky, and made a classic hit on the fashion scene which I love! Sophisticated pea coats, tailored shirts, feminine twists on ties (check out the "4 in da morning video) maxi dresses with simple statement jewelry, and pinned up hair with Jacki O shades! Very throwback to the oldies! I love it!

So in honor of Gwen I made a little set of my own, a wish list, inspired by her quirky-classic style! I must first mention that I have been a NO DOUBT/ Gwen Stefani fan since the their underground days while I was still in gradeschool! My Aunt always lived in Orange County & Malibu and was alwasy scoping the "scene" so she was listening to them, and I was introduced as a youngster. My passion & obsession began! So heres to you Gwen, my August gal...keep rockin' , and shockin'!!!!

The Jacket is B.B. Dakota available at Lulu' & its my fave of all!!!! ♥

Well, I hope all the ladies & gents reading this had a great labor on the look out for the next icon feature, and remember that if someone doesn't like you, your style, your opinions or your voice...just keep walking & NEVER stop talking!!!



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