Saturday, July 10, 2010

MARVELOUS Marchesa ♥

My love for the house of Marchesa is beyond words.
There are many other fashion houses that I really like, but none like Marchesa.
These women know how to design a beautiful gown. The precision, and detail is impeccable.
The soft romance behind their gowns is appealing, but there is also such a modern day woman's confidence  that is always present. They never ever seize to amaze me.

The gown presented above that Sienna Miller is wearing at the red carpet costume gala is my all time favorite. When I saw her wear this for the first time, I remember simply falling in love with it. 
I would like this to be the gown I wear on my husband & I's 10th anniversary. It is my dream gown. There is not just one aspect of it I love, I love it ALL. From the flowing fabric to the detailed roses along the empire lining. In my eyes it represents sexy romantic and classy. LOVE.

Amongst Marchesa I am also consistently dreamy-eyed over Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana. They are incredible to say the least. In Dolce & Gabbana's recent fashion show they have posted on their web site, they have a screen introduction before their models started walking the runway in their newest collection. It was a video of them stitching the pieces of clothing, and the two of them actually making & fitting their collection. It was INCREDIBLE. I personally believe it is a talent you are born with, and that show spoke for itself. Click the links to watch ♥  

Marchesa, also coincidentally plays two tracks of music on their website...the first being a classical piece that flows into an Led Zeppelin song. This is coincidental why? you ask.  Well, because Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite band, and Marchesa my favorite fashion house. So it was aligned in the stars...I was SUPPOSED to worship Marchesa ♥

I would love to read about your fashion obsessions and favorites. Please post in my comments, or email me. Either way, I am not just a writer, I am also an avid reader :)
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