Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hey Everyone NEW BLOG for my new Business

Hey guys...

so since I love beauty products, bath & body products, AND accessories...I found a way that I can provide high quality top brand products in those categories at VERY LOW prices!!!!

I am teaming up with Amway and its over 100 affiliate top name companies & brands to sell these products at great prices to you and your friends and family!

I am a independent business owner and my company is appropriately named : Bella Discounts

I also have a products featured blog that will feature products I carry in which I love and think other would love to use and own as well.

Of course I would be benefitting from any purchases, if I said I wasn't I would be lieing to you all, and I love you and couldn't do that. However, I am a people pleaser, and not much else in this world besides my daughter makes me happier than helping others!!!!! So this is a win/win on all accords for me!!!!

Hope I can help you find what your looking for!!!! Follow my blogs please!!!!