Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Icon Series

Coma Stai!!!! Baci!!!!
Today some wonderful thoughts were brewing in my brain, and this is what I have come up with.....
I am going to do a series on my blog starting in August ... a fashion icon series!!!! I am super stoked about this idea...
Heres the 411:
every month I am going to feature my "FASHION ICON" from different genres & era's.
I am going to post a picture or few pictures of the icon & explain what is inspirational about their fashion esthetic, in my eyes.
I would like my readers & friends to participate. If you have any input it would be excellent, and more than welcome.
My constant top two favorites are: 

Ms. Kate Moss &
Ms. Sienna Miller

First of all, they just know how to pull what seems like "anything" off. Literally. They can probably cut a hole in a sheet of plastic, wear it & somehow the whole simple esemble becomes FANTASTIC.
They will definately be among the featured in this series.

I have posted a lot about, "inspiration". I would like to dealve a little deeper into why this is an  adjective that I use a lot when writing about art, music, fashion, etc.. 
As a naturally creative soul, I feel like it is only by default that I  take away from visuals. Meaning, when I see something that I adore, the feeling that I get is overwhelming and exciting for me. I immediately start creating my own spin on the look, or the way the person was wearing a blouse, or necklace. I don't duplicate really ever, I just re-create  my own version of the look.
It is simply, inspiration in its rawest form for me. Recording artists get inspiration from a certain sound that has already been produced, band's from other bands, fashion designers get inspiration from what seems to be most anything. The ocean, the sky, trees, nature, a woman's lips...the most random sources of inspiration have been documented consistently. I think it is what the world is about. Sharing, and not necessarily being a copy cat, but paying a tribute to that inspiration in your own way. Its so beautiful, and interesting.
I will say it again...its not about following the trend, but taking something from it, and making it your own. Its a part of life. Its definitely part of who I am as an artist.  This series will certainly give you an inside look at where the foundation of my personal style aesthetic stems. Not to mention that I probably have an obsession with a few of the ladies, as well. I'm not gonna' lie.

Someone I want to pay attribute to for just her presence in general, a classic:

Ms. Sophia Loren  ♥

My daughter's middle name is "Loren" after Sophia Loren. Myself being an italian woman, she makes me proud to be italian, and her own style seemed effortless. I am not going to post her as a feature  in the series, but much like a book or novel has a "forward" or an "introduction", consider Ms. Loren to be this posts "Introduction" to my series.

Ladies and Gentleman, the timeless...Sophia Loren ♥

Stunning ♥

Hey, it just doesn't get more beautiful out there does it?
For this evening's conclusion, I would like to say not to be afraid of what truly makes you tick, or gets your wheels spinning. I certainly am not.


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