Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Accents & Blog identity :P

Coma stai? ( thats french for Hello, and italian for How are you? lol)

Now that I gave you a simple language lesson, lol...let me move on.
I am a lady who is very simplistic when it comes to actual clothing or pieces of clothing. I am an accessories girl 100% more than I am a, "thats such a cute blouse!", or, "those jeans are to DIE for! ", kind of gal. Not that there is anything wrong with that specific taste, I just prefer the little details that add to a nice fitting jean, or a well tailored blouse.

My inspiration for this summer is COLOR!!!!! I really prefer a solid-colored dress over a patterned one, and when I do wear a pattern I almost always choose a very mellow one so that I may at least incorporate 1 to 2 amazing accessories to accent my outfit.

I put together two sets on my polyvore set creator.One is casual for day, and one is more a summer's night out!!!!

I love them...some may not, but I feel like fashion is very individualistic, and you have to set the trend for yourself that make you feel best when wearing them. These sets have very high end accessories that I chose, but I like to get inspiration from pieces in which I can't always afford. I can go out and find pieces that are very similar in my price point.

That is  always a helpful tip...if you can't always splurge on the higher collection items, feel lucky enough to have them as inspiration. This way you may pull together looks that you can budget into your wardrobe:D


This one is so summer chic to me...look at those accessories!!!! I love them especially the cuff!

 Dress: American Apparel "Rib Racerback" red

Shoes: Pella Mode "Wrigley" in Nude

Snake Cuffe: Kenneth Jane,& Co.

Clutch: Michael by Michael Kors "Berkeley" Metallic gold clutch
Necklace: Vintage 1980's ribbed "CC" chain necklace....LOVIN' vintage pieces!!!!


This of course would be my casual day look.... I am a SUCKER for a basic tee & butt huggin yet comfortable this outfit was perfect! Perfect for a day shopping in a warm breezy afternoon with a friend or in my case my daughter ♥

T-Shirt: Gap Summer '10 "Burnout Tee" in perrywinkle

Jeans: Gap skinny stretch denim in burnt grey

Fedora: BKE Side Tie Fedora in "Rocklin"

Scarf: Striped "Rugby" in Navy by Aeropostale

Color Ring: Piere le Tan Ring by COACH

Silver Ring: Sterling Floating Peace Ring by COACH

Shoes: L.A.M.B. by G. Stefani "Valora" heel in Blue Suede

Latte: courtesy of Starbucks (not my fave, but it'll do)


Well there you have summer wardrobe ideas so far. hmmm what would I call them besides sets???? I suppose the two drawing boards for now!
Some great sites to visit for incredible summer accessories and solid pieces would be:

You can go ahead & click on any of the listed and it will take you directly to their sites..your very welcome..haha.

The next tid bit I'd like to share is that since this is a new blog & you are getting acquainted...let it be known that I am an artist. I am finishing up my first solid collection of work, and will be showcasing it for the first time on this blog. I also write, and will be sharing some of my written pieces from time to time. I dedicate this blog to my passions for creativity: art, music, fashion, and writing.
I do all lack of better words. I hope you enjoy what you have read thus far, and if in fact you do...there is soooo much more to come. Get ready :)


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