Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let's Talk..NAILS.

As of lately I have noticed a whole hell-of-a lot interesting manicures out there!!
Its insane!!! I personally lean towards a solid color, be it soft or BOLD !!!!

Yet, I am thoroughly impressed with some of the designs, and artistry I've come it on the internet browsing, or the streets. The confidence some of these ladies have to be sporting them is admirable, to say the least.

Let me give you an example of what I like & of course..explain why:

I LOVE this...because seriously anyone could pull it off, the palette provides an open door for any skin tone, any outfit, any mood. And if for no other reason, because its clean, and "pretty".
Now lets get into some funky stuff...and not to mention how talented some of these nail artists are!!!! MAD respect to your skill!!!!

Design 1: Flaming HOT right? Design 3: Well Hello, Kitty...ME-WOW!!! Design 4: PURRRFECTION skill. Design 5: Now These are some serious PAWS!!!!

Design 2: If only I was in the UK? Damn.

Design 6: David Bowie comes to mind. LOL!

Seriously, all I have to say is that its summa'time!!!! Be brave (unlike me lol ) and go with that urge for eccentricism itching at you!!!!! Give yourself a crazy beautiful mani/pedi either or both!!! If not you doing it for yourself, ask your manicurist what they have up their sleeve skill-wise. Present them with your idea, give them a challenge, or be REALLY brave, and let THEIR imagination go wild with an idea for your nails and/or toes.

Promise me that you will pretty, pretty please share a photo at the least!!!
I might just post the craziest, most interesting one I recieve!!!! Don't hold out on me.

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