Monday, July 19, 2010

Accessory of the Week 7/19/2010

Just this last week, while applying my makeup before going out, I realized how badly I am in need of a new cosmetic's bag/case.
The one I currently use is cotton, worn down, and flimsy. Zips up, and is a Victoria Secrets PINK brand...which I received as a free gift with purchase over a year ago. So obviously I am really 'needing' this.
I made a list of what I need to get out of my new found cosmetics bag/case: room, capability of staying clean for periods longer than one week, compartments, and moderately compact in size.
I don't usually take all my makeup with me where I go, but in case I ever have to, I want it to at least tuck nicely underneath the seat of my car when I go into a restaurant, or wherever. Or maybe even possibly in one of my huge bags...everyone who knows me knows that my preferred size of purse in EXTRA LARGE. So it probably could fit in one of my bags, as well.
Since finding myself needing to get a new one, I decided to make this my "Accessory of the Week". Here are the candidates I have narrowed down:

" I love this because its lined outside & inside, plus the design is easy to separate from other bags."

"Obviously its bigger yet appears to be able to fit nicely in smaller areas, & it also has dual lining...and hey the print is also so eccentric...LOVE this one."

"This is bigger, yet not to high so I can fit it in the car, it has compartments & is lined...fave so far."

" I LOVE this because I would be able to hang it in my car if need be, it is lined, made for taking places OR keeping behind door in has a boat load of different compartments, AND last but not can personalize it with your initials...FUN."

So there are my four accessory's of the week, meant really to be one but they are hard to decide between :/
I really enjoy lil' bags and Nick will see a lot of that kind of stuff featured in my posts.
Right now, just in case your wondering, I am leaning towards the Juicy Couture one because it fits my style, and it is that 'in between' size that I am looking for. Yet all of them are wonderful...maybe I should start buying a lot more makeup and brushes so that I may get & use all four...hmmmm???? lol

Remember...August is creeping up and I begin my Icon Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!! Can't wait to share with you guys!!!!


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