Saturday, September 11, 2010

FUR-ev-er ♠

Its like a damn fever spreading....FUR vests.

My opinion is mixed. I like them, then I don't. My friend just bought her 1 1/2 year old little girl one the other day, and it was adorable, but that's a baby/mommy thing...and of course it was cute ya know? She looked so cute....but anyways I don't want to deviate off the furry subject at hand.

These things are showing up on everyone EVERYWHERE..and quite frankly not everyone pulls it off so well.

I for one think I may be able to if I know what to pair it with, and I know for a FACT that I would do minimal to NO accessories, because the clutter of all that would make me feel like the 60's new clad version of Cruella De Ville. No thanks.

Here are some I like...will I wear..hmmm maybe...either they are:

This vest has a good color & texture

I like the detail, and the front tie on this one

This one is kind of messed up, "fringed" if you will...kind of rocker-ish..I can see Gwen & Sienna rockin' it

All of these are nice except for the last one, which reminds me of the 60's clad Cruella I mentioned *cringe*

Some women who pull them off well... hmmm...Rachel Zoe....however, she annoys me with all the accessories.
I also think Mischa Barton does a pretty damn good job, & well.... I always like the underground, solo-ish in-their-own-world gals like Chloe Savigny, & of course Alexa Chung...but my fave in fur has to be Sienna Miller ♥ Because she lives by the bohemian rule, her hair is always disheveled, and well she just always looks good in what she wears...true story. NOT to mention she doesn't over accessorize which is , in my opinion,  the key here.

I think  maybe a nice, fragile pair of earrings, or a cuff will do...but if you do the multiple bracelet thing, and the four necklaces plus earrings...its like c'mon? Did you just throw on your whole closet? ... Just sayin'.

Well,  I had to shout out the fur-ry behind this new statement in fashion called 'the fur vest.'

What do you think? Likey? No-Likey?  Either way...speak on it.



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